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Autumn Pie With Chestnut Cream, Caramelized Apple & Pecans

Hello everybody! Today’s recipe is part of a monthly food challenge on Foodies +, a community that I am part of on Google +. The goal was to make a pie using selected seasonal ingredients such as pumpkin, butternut, apples, pears, pecans, chestnuts, etc. When I saw the challenge I immediately thought of making a… Continue reading Autumn Pie With Chestnut Cream, Caramelized Apple & Pecans

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Candied Citrus Peels

Hello everybody! With Halloween on the way I thought I could share with you a healthyish French sweet recipe. Candied citrus peels aren’t Halloween treats in France as we don’t really celebrate it, but they are traditional sweets that are very easy to make and have many nutrients. Lemon and oranges are well known for… Continue reading Candied Citrus Peels